Printing Again


It’s been a long haul getting the printer up and running again. I left it with a half finished Z probe for Automatic Bed Levelling, but it never worked quite as intended.  I’ve been spending a few hours with it this week and I’ve got it running sweet.  To celebrate I printed one of the first bespoke, made to measure parts I’ve ever done.  Talk about starting simple,  it was a replacement for a 11mm x 20mm dowel that had fallen out of one of Joe’s wooden trucks.  I sized the part in blender but despite importing a 1cm cube STL for size reference and setting the scale accordingly, I still had to scale up 1000x in Repiter, the printing software. However, in the end it was really nice to get a part out of the printer that was absolutely fit for purpose and slotted into the hole it was designed to fit.  The look on Joe’s face this morning when he saw it was worth the hours of buggering about with stupid Chinese servos and reams of configuration.