Suffolk Harvest

I’ve just got back from a holiday in Suffolk, where is was great to see this year’s harvest in full swing.  For an engineering geek like myself, seeing the huge Combine Harvesters running through the night was a great sight.  Even better were the large stubble fields which I took the liberty of trespassing on.  Specifically, I’ve been wanting to perform an autotune, which sees the quad throw itself around a bit so that it can tune it’s PID settings.  I managed to get it into autotune, but my batteries didn’t have the staying power to see it through to the end.  I’ve given up on the Turnigy 2200mAh 20c batts now, five out of the six that I got have puffed, and I’m not willing to use them anymore.  I think the voltage sag was taking cells down below their healthy voltage and damaging them permanently.

I’ve splashed out on some turnigy nano-techs, which depending on who you listen to are either just as bad or amazingly good.   They should be a little bit more resistant to sag and perhaps will give me enough juice to get an Autotune complete.

With the camera and gimbal in place and with the new 4000mAh battery (333g) it’s now weighing in at over 1600g.  That’s a fair weight and I’m going to be ultra cautious about flying with this config.


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